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Community Spotlight - The Vehicle Communist

Within the Arma 3 community there are hundreds of communities (units), going from “hardcore millsim” to just friends playing a bit of Arma 3, we aim to create a community with the fun elements of moving in a structured unit but bring the same level of fun that you would have playing in a group of friends.

We all unite on some sort of social media that being (twitter, facebook or discord), and i myself was also part of many communities/units, and like many others this came with certain rules/code of conduct and so on, some are to join x amount of training session a week, or play at least 2 missions per month or have a x amount of online time on discord/forum which can be a very big commitment for a lot of people and sometimes even be stressful to keep on top of... we completely remove these rules all together, the only commitment you have to make with us is to always have fun and be respectful of other players new or seasoned vets.

But besides the unit we also had the social media: we share thoughts, content (videos/artwork) mod updates and many other things, and there is a tight community that has been built over the passed few years without a place for all of those people to really call “home”, we have a lot of people sharing our ideas, videos/artwork and so on but we almost never play together on a fun “mission” or just a game night on Arma 3. We are simply trying to bring all of these passionate people together and give them that place where they can call home.

This is why i set up this discord: our slogan being "no obligation, no nonsense" as well as having no formal commitment to a must do mission or training, just a place people can come together and play for fun with friends who they know from social media, outside their own community (as many are member of a unit of course) all the way to brand new players that have just picked up a copy of Arma and want somewhere they can grow and learn in a comfortable environment, everybody is independent and can play a mission when they want as long as they behave in a sensible but fun manor.

Our goals are simple:

if a player wants to play a game on Arma 3 he/she can give a shout to others who might also have interest to play, eventually i hope to have set up a good server with a wide range of skilled to novice players and have several maps but also with for example “Zeus nights” where the community can come together and play some missions just for the fun, there will be goals but most important thing is that we give you FUN without hard commitment.

With joining this discord you are joining a “community” but not 1 where you have to earn your rank by training or proving to be a leader, you don't have to abandon your own unit, this is a friendly home without the unit tags, but just friends playing openly for the simple goal to have fun once more in Arma. We want you to stay loyal to your own unit but give you the ability to play independently when you want and how you want!

And who knows maybe new Arma 3 players will be coming to join and learning how to play Arma 3 from the great experienced community players we have walking around already among our ranks, or that the community will grow big enough that we can host big events just for FUN.

If you would like to find out more information about our unit please visit the 'founder' of the communities twitter page ( ) and if you are interested then stop by our public discord server ( )

"We hope to see you on the battlefield"

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