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New Event | Strategic Liberation Joint Task Force

Altis borders have closed, the AAF has started to turn hostile, occupying Altis as their new base of operations, and pushing people to the side for their military goals. The people of Altis began rebelling against the AAF to push for change but getting nothing but cruelty. In return the people of Altis are trying to call out for help, and their cries for help have been answered. Forming the Strategic Liberations Joint Task force. We will fly our men in and free the people of Altis from the new found tyranny! The SLJTF's objective is to bring communities together with these bi-weekly events to have fun. If you want your MILSIM unit to join our first campaign,

Who: MilSim Communities & Operatives What: Fun MilSim Zeus Operations

When: Bi-Weekly (Starting April 12th 2020)

Join the Discord or Teamspeak server to register or learn more about the event.



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