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New Feature! Real Chat Conversations & Phone Calls

We tried several chat platforms to improve our engagements with our customers and most of them fell short in the category of holding us accountable for providing instant responses. We want our customers to come to us with the confidence that they are going to receive immediate recognition by our team. We also want to provide their questions with real responses tailored to their needs and enjoy some small talk too!

Jivo allows us to engage with our customers proactively without being intrusive and set specific alerts based on location. It also allows us to integrate our social media platform and phone support all into a single platform which simplifies our process for managing requests across the board.

The voice feature has been great for scheduling callbacks with business clients. It also acts as a gateway between our own personal phones and the business numbers. This gives us flexibility of how we want calls forwarded throughout the day without having to use expensive "enterprise" VoIP & business phone system. Their system is prepaid and very easy to customize and scale with our needs.

Part of their system I love is the online tracking. This helps identify where we may be able to optimize our number of available technicians throughout the day. We have drastically improved our coverage and responsiveness since deploying this platform.

When it comes to their support and development cycle they are top notch real people! All our requests were answered immediately and feature requests were implemented within 24 hours. Not all features may receive such rapid response. But, it was awesome to see that within a short period of time I was able to talk directly with the development team and help improve the platform we use today!

Take a look at Jivo Chat!

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