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We Are Making Arma Simple

Open Group is a bridge for everything Arma. Whether you are a player, community lead, event host or developer the platform will improve your ability to engage with the community.


Your user profile allows you to build your reputation without having to rebuild relationships with every new group you join. It is a great place to show off your record or validate your credentials when playing on public servers or with other communities.

  • New user rating system for tracking player quality in specific game modes or servers.

  • Join multiple groups and follow your favorite Arma content developers.

  • Maintain a record of every community you have joined with a timeline of roles you performed during your membership.

  • View historical session statistics. Aggregate data by game mode, event type or other custom options.

  • Use the detailed AAR viewer under the activity section to review historical events.


Keep track of your groups qualifications and create training programs. Every group may design training programs and invite their members or the public to be certified through their program. Qualifications received in your program may receive recognition across the Arma Community. Qualifications can be tracked across groups and reduce training formalities as you join new units in the future.

  • Create your own training programs or use public programs for your group.

  • Track your members' qualifications and set requirements for roles based on them.

  • Programs may receive feedback from students and instructors. Maintain program validity by requiring renewals and following audit procedures.

  • View certifications in-game to validate a player's credentials before assigning them a role on a public server.


Join matches in solo or group queues. Gain rep for yourself or your group. Join a league, tournament, or exhibition match and prove your skills. Event organizers will be providing regular competitive content.


The new launcher has an extended feature set to support community created content. You will be able to manage your favorite server's Life, Exile, Wasteland or other game mode content from the launcher. 

  • New event management page for creating and joining events.

  • Automatically download mods required for upcoming events.

  • Join ranked matches via solo queues or with friends.

  • Configure and join servers from a new quick play option in the launcher.

  • Built-in positional voice service available for each server. No setup or purchase required.

  • Expanded news page to support community news and announcements.

  • Improved system for joining friends.

  • Custom apps for game modes

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