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ArmaHosts 2.0 – Welcome to our next chapter!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Welcome to ArmaHosts new blog and more importantly our new face (web-page). We have been anticipating getting this new site live for a LONG time and are quite pleased with its first iteration. What you are seeing here is just a start, we're pulling double duty adding content and cannot thank our supporters enough for the feedback and assistance.

The last couple years for ArmaHosts have been crazy, since January 2018 the company has grown over 50%0 we have changed our entire infrastructure while purchasing and building out an impressive lineup of servers in our data-centers, we have partnered up and sponsored some really cool development projects and we have brought some wonderful full time technicians to service our clients. The best part is we are just getting started.

ArmaHosts is at a great point right now where we have a super solid back end platform, our support system is running well and we are ready to start expanding our offerings. ArmaHosts is ready to expand both our game server offering which contributes to our roots as well as our more specialized business hosting offerings.

This company has and will always above all else focus on providing the best possible customer experience we can. Our ideal business is personalized service where we can add maximum value to our clients. I believe we have proven this in our game server offerings, our technician’s work day and night troubleshooting, configuring servers and coaching clients to make sure they are happy with their experience. Seriously, great work team, could not be more pleased with your performance!

Our next project is to finish building out this site, stay tuned for our pending sponsorship's/partners page, additional business offerings and a bunch of fun new game server offerings. ArmaHosts is on track to become a premier hosting provider and were feeling really positive about the direction of our company.

Thank you so much to our clients and team for being here.

Until next time.

Jacob D.

Managing Partner – ArmaHosts

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